viale della Trinità dei Monti, 1

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ACCADEMIA DI FRANCIA A ROMA – VILLA MEDICIThe Académie de France in Rome, better known as well as "Villa Medici", participates in cultural and artistic exchanges, organizes exhibitions, concerts, conventions and seminars on art related topics, literature and their history. Designated by the 1971 decree as the ideal location French-Italian meetings, Villa Medici plays a pivotal role in the cultural life of Rome and Europe.

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vicolo del Puttarello, 25

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AREA ARCHEOLOGICA DEL VICUS CAPRARIUS - LA CITTA’ DELL’ACQUAThe expression "Città dell’Acqua" (lit. "city of the water") used to define the archaeological area of the Vicus Caprarius, is due to the presence of the most characteristical element of the area: the water flowing from Fontana di Trevi, next to the structures excavated. This is an insula, turned into a domus through the IV century.

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via del Corso, 18

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CASA DI GOETHEFrom 1786 to 1788, the great German poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe (1749 – 1832) lived with his friend, the painter Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein, at Via del Corso 18 in the centre of Rome. Today, the Casa di Goethe, the only German museum abroad, commemorates this famous guest and his seminal work Italian Journey with various exhibitions and cultural events.

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via Tuscolana, 1055

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CINECITTÀ SI MOSTRASince 2011, Cinecittà Studios has been open to the public with the project Cinecittà Shows Off, a cultural initiative which aims at presenting the rich  architectural heritage of the famed Dream Factory, offering – for the first time – the chance to visit the grand outdoor sets and the historic buildings whose halls host a number of themed exhibitions. The showcased scenes, costumes, props, footage and period photographs narrate the history of Cinecittà and of the film productions that have contributed to its legend since 1937. The exhibition is divided into three parts, Why Cinecittà (1936-1945), Shooting in Cinecittà (1937-1989)  and Backstage – Cinecittà’s Educational Route and three large permanent sets that can be toured every day with specialized guides: the set of Ancient Rome, the set of the Temple of Jerusalem and the set of Florence in 1400. Cinecittà Si Mostra is also dedicated to kids with Cinebimbicittà, the workshop where children can try out new things, play and have fun.

For information: +39 06 72293269

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via Flaminia, 82

Free tours 1h 45 minutes. 10% discount on ticket and Explora shop (children admitted only if accompanied by an adult, adults admitted only if accompanied by a child!)

EXPLORA IL MUSEO DEI BAMBINI DI ROMAMuseum dedicated to children, schools and families. It’s a city on a child’s scale where everything can be observed, touched, and experimented with. Explora allows children the possibility to discover everyday facts and realities experimenting at first hand the Environment, Society Communication and “Me”.

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piazza della Cancelleria, 1

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LEONARDO DA VINCI MUSEUM: THE UNIVERSAL GENIUS AND HIS WORKSEnjoy exploring the studies of Leonardo da Vinci visiting the exhibition Mostra di Leonardo da Vinci il Genio e le Invenzioni. The exhibition situated between the famous squares Piazza Navona and Campo de 'Fiori, at Piazza della Cancelleria 1 in Rome, covers 1000 square meters. This surface is divided into the four elements of nature: earth, fire, air and water.

Have fun touching and trying more than 67 machines in real life scale, experience Leonardo’s work in a magical way with the 9 holograms and get impressed by an archeologic area dating back from 43 b.C.!!!

To see this exhibition you will need more or less 40 minutes; with a guide it will take you less more than one hour.

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viale della Casina di Raffaello (piazza di Siena)

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LUDOTECA - CASINA DI RAFFAELLOIn the heart of Villa Borghese, in the beautiful building of the V century (originally called "Palazzina dell’Alboreto dei Gelsi " and later transformed by Asprucci around 1791), La Casina di Raffaello hosts a Day care centre that the City Administration opened in 2006 dedicated to all children aged 3 to10.

The Day care centre offers an articulated programme of activities ranging from educational workshops to readings animation and book launches.

The Casina bookshop sells also books and games for children.

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piazza SS. Apostoli, 68/A

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MUSEO DELLE CEREOpened in 1958 by Fernando Canini, this museum displays life – size waxworks portraying historical characters, writers and musicians, contemporary sportsmen and singers as well as prehistoric animals.

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lungotevere Dè Cenci

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MUSEO EBRAICO DI ROMALocated on the premises of the Great Synagogue, the Jewish Museum of Rome displays the works of the roman silversmiths, precious textiles and other treasures of the 5 Scole. The ticket includes the visit of the Main Synagogue and of the Spanish Synagogue.

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via Nazionale, 194

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PALAZZO DELLE ESPOSIZIONIOne of the most modern cultural centre, the biggest interdisciplinary exhibition venue in the centre of Rome, in a constant and fruitful exchanges with the most important international cultural institutions, Palazzo delle Esposizioni holds art exhibitions, film festivals, plays, photography shows, music, books launches and events.

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Play&learn Tour - Feel like an Art Treasure Hunter!

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SAFARI D’ARTE Safari d’arte Family tour is an art treasure hunt taking place in the city streets, where people go and search for specific and interesting details represented on monuments. It is an engaging and original family tour, a new way of exploring the city and getting to know its history, the main historical characters and artworks, youth and family oriented.

Info and booking (booking is required):, +39 3392258754

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piazza del Popolo, 12

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Permanent exhibition

Leonardo da Vinci Museum

SALE AGOSTINIANELeonardo da Vinci Museo brings to life Leonardo’s genius as an inventor, artist, scientist, anatomist, engineer and architect. There are more than 60 models of interactive and life-size machines and inventions crafted by Italian Artisans from Leonardo’s codices, studies of his most famous reinassance art, anatomical sketches, explanation panels in 6 languages and animations of The Last Supper, Vitruvian Man and the Sforza equestrian sculpture.

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Via di Tor Sanguigna 3 (Piazza Navona)

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STADIO DI DOMIZIANOThe ruins of the Stadium of Domitian (Unesco heritage) in Piazza Navona are located about 4.50 meters above street level. The archaeological site is all that remains of the first and only example of a masonry stadium up to now known in Rome. Panels and screens show with graphics, photos and videos the history of sport and sports practices from ancient Greece to Imperial Rome, with particolar attention to the history of the stadium and the square.

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VIGAMUS - the video game museum

Via Sabotino 4

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VIGAMUS - the video game museumVIGAMUS is the only video game museum in Italy. The visitors can immerse themselves in the history of games, discovering the myths and legends behind them, and learning about its visionary creators and discovering the evolution of an ever changing art form with an illustrious past, in a fully interactive and fun way.

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Villa Torlonia
entrance from via Lazzaro Spallanzani, 1A

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VILLINO MEDIOEVALE – TECHNOTOWNNature and technology: a combination that finds its rightful space in Villa Torlonia, where Roma Capitale has chosen to host Technotown, a place dedicated to new technologies and to young people aged 8 to 17. Six rooms, six experiences, in which young guests will learn to interact with sophisticated technologies through high educational content games and experience, giving them the opportunity to use the “mass media” in a fun and creative ways.

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