Largo Aqua Felix (Piazza di Siena) – Villa Borghese

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SILVANO TOTI GLOBE THEATRE A space in the picturesque setting of Villa Borghese that, thanks to the particular architectural features and essentiality of the scenes, allows a cathartic relationship with the works of the English Renaissance theater through the revival of Elizabethan tragedies and comedies.

Open in summer time.

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Piazza Giovanni da Triora, 15

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PLEASE NOTE: activity suspended

TEATRO AMBRA ALLA GARBATELLA E L’AMBRETTATheatre, music, dance, cinema, hostaria, library, art gallery for artists of Rome. And best of all ideas, projects of all those who live and live. But above all, the love for the Garbatella and Rome.

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newTEATRO ARCOBALENO (Centro Stabile del Classico)

Via F. Redi 1/a

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TEATRO ARCOBALENO (Centro Stabile del Classico)It is located next to Villa Torlonia. The theatre, which was established in the 1930s and featured in the film "An American in Rome" starring Alberto Sordi, has a plaque comemmorating him. Under the artistic direction of Vincenzo Zingaro, the theatre offers programming mainly dedicated to the classics, especially ancient Greek and Roman comedy, in partnership with the Segesta Festival and the Formia Festival of Classic Theatre. The Arcobaleno would be a good resource for anyone wanting to combine culture and entertainment for a special evening.

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largo di Torre Argentina, 52

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TEATRO ARGENTINAThe Teatro di Roma, with the Teatro Argentina, for their architectural, logistics and functional features can host major events, providing a unique experience to the audience.

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Via Merulana, 244

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TEATRO BRANCACCIO e BRANCACCINOBrancaccio Theatre is traditionally considered "The Theatre of Rome": here they performed great actors like Toto, Aldo Fabrizi, Anna Magnani and Gigi Proietti as well as musicians of all kinds like Giuseppe Di Stefano, the Beatles, Fabrizio De Andrè, Jimi Hendrix, Louis Armstrong and Adriano Celentano.

The historic hall of more than 1300 seats, composed of stalls and the balcony, with its elegant foyer features a double bar, lends itself perfectly to all kinds of events and manifestation.

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Via Nazionale, 183

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TEATRO ELISEO e PICCOLO ELISEOThe TEATRO ELISEO is a complete cultural experience. It is a renewal.
Its heart is represented by its two venues that speak together of art and culture thanks to big productions and experimentation, the most popular actors and talent. Here theatre, music, literature and science welcome the public and complement each other. And that is not all: the ELISEO is a restaurant and a lounge bar, a mirror of the Italian pleasure in good taste; it is a dynamic space that stages a polychromy of events including concerts and opportunities for discussion. Energy.

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lungotevere Vittorio Gassman, 1
via Luigi Pierantoni, 6 (dedicated entrance for disabled persons)

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TEATRO INDIASecond seat of the Teatro di Roma, Teatro India is a beautiful outdoor theatre inaugurated in 1999 from the requalification of several sheds, seat of the Mira Lanza factory from which it inherits its industrial past to become an immediate enjoyment for all visitors. The theatre hosts many events in a suggestive and original atmosphere: a place that can be considered a film set for its charm, but also an ideal place for scientific meetings, dance shows, fashion, music, literature, photography exhibition and seminars.

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via delle Vergini, 7

10% discount (until discount tickets last, excluding Friday, weekends or shows coming before a holiday). The Management reserves the right to suspend the sale of discount tickets for some shows and/or performances.

TEATRO QUIRINO – VITTORIO GASSMANIn the heart of the Trevi quarter, the Teatro Quirino Vittorio Gassman hosts traditional plays side by side to international events, classical and modern dance, Neapolitan dramaturgy, contemporary works, great classics and adaptations from cinema and famous novels, musicals, independent theatre festivals and children’s plays, special projects for distress areas.

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Via della Mercede, 50

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TEATRO SALA UMBERTOUnder the sign of comedy.

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Via Benevento, 23

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TEATRO 7Theatre 7, under the artistic direction of Michele La Ginestra, is not just a theater, but a real cultural center where take life and form multiple artistic and social initiatives. Next to the program, there are active from 18 years the theater workshops by Sergio Mint, shows for children on Saturday afternoon and the beneficial activities of the Association Theatre 7 Solidarity Onlus.

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via Tirso, 89 ( Buenos Aires)

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TEATRO TIRSO DE MOLINAThe theatre takes the name of the Spanish comedy writer Tirso de Molina, who started the European tradition of Don Juan with his work "El Burlador de Sevilla”

The Teatro Tirso de Molina is a valid alternative choice in the theatrical panorama of the city to learn about traditions and customs of Roman people, traditionally generous, loyal, proud, and with a strong sense of honor.

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Via Giacinto Carini 78

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TEATRO VASCELLOVascello Theatre is located in the beautiful area of Monteverde close to Gianicolo in Rome, with its 350 seats in the auditorium and the stage steps the Greek allows excellent Visibilia from each location.

The Teatro Vascello offers shows Prose, Shows for Children, Dance, Contemporary Drama, events, festivals, exhibitions, concerts, workshops.

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Piazza di Santa Maria Liberatrice, 10

25% discount (Friday and Saturday shows excluded) and 30% discount on season tickets for Roma Pass holders. Each card is valid for one discount.

TEATRO VITTORIASince the early years of the twentieth century, the Victoria was the theatre of Testaccio. Since then, the Vittoria staged some variety shows which, after a few decades, were called vaudeville: Aldo Fabrizi, Toto, Anna Magnani, just to mention some of the protagonists of the period. After the war movie theater replaced it, but in 1986 began renovation works to open reopen the old theatre.

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