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Please note:

  • Before purchasing, find out if you qualify for reduced or free admission, or concessions (age, nationality, place of residence, occupational categories, etc.).
  • Reimbursement of Roma Pass 72 Hours and/or Roma Pass 48 Hours is never allowed. No refunds will be issued: in case the users change their plans, even if the card has not been used; in case of total or partial closure of some services/sites included in the card; in case of events or circumstances beyond our control or dependent on third parties; in case of union meetings or strikes; in case of Acts of God; in any other case or circumstance not indicated in this list. All cards purchased online can be collected ONLY 24 HOURS AFTER the date of purchase (minimum time required to process your payment). No refund will be issued for wrong early withdrawal (FAQ 8.1). No refunds will be issued, also, for online purchased cards which will be not picked up within the given time frame, that is to say 6 months from the collection date indicated during the online purchase, or anyway within the date of a possible change in the selling price or in the services included in the card itself (FAQ 5.2).

Roma Pass 72 Hours and Roma Pass 48 Hours can be purchased:

  • Online (max 4 cards, method of payment: credit card Visa and Mastercard, one transaction only a day - any 24 hours- from the same computer. The card collection will be possible at one of the Tourist Information Points (PIT), 24 hours after the purchase date).
  • By calling the Call Centre 0039 060608 (method of payment: credit card Visa and Mastercard).
  • At the following points of sale:
    • All participating Museums and sites
    • Tourist Information Points (Punti Informativi Turistici, PIT) of the City of Rome:
      • PIT Castel S. Angelo, Piazza Pia (next to the gardens of Castel Sant’Angelo), 9.30am - 7.00pm.
      • PIT Ciampino, Aeroporto G.B.Pastine - External area International Arrivals. 8.30am - 6.00pm.
      • PIT Cinque Lune, Piazza delle Cinque Lune (Piazza Navona). 9.30am - 7.00pm.
      • PIT Fiumicino, Aeroporto Leonardo Da Vinci - International Arrivals - Terminal T3. 8.00am - 8.45pm.
      • PIT Fori Imperiali, Visitor Center Via dei Fori Imperiali. 9.30am - 7.00pm.
      • PIT Minghetti, Via Marco Minghetti (corner to Via del Corso). 9.30am - 7.00pm.
      • PIT Nazionale, Via Nazionale (Palazzo delle Esposizioni). 9.30am - 7.00pm.
      • PIT Sonnino, Piazza Sidney Sonnino (Trastevere). 10.30am - 8.00pm.
      • PIT Termini, Stazione Termini - Via Giovanni Giolitti, 34, platform 24. 8.00am - 6.45pm.
    • ATAC - Subway ticket office (Opening time: mon/sat from 7.00am to 8.00pm - sundays and public holydays from 8.00am to 8.00pm):
      • Metro A: Anagnina, Battistini, Lepanto, Ottaviano, Spagna;
      • Metro B: Laurentina, Eur Fermi, Ponte Mammolo, Termini;
      • Metro B1: Conca d’Oro.
      • Ferrovia Roma-Viterbo: Piazzale Flaminio;
      • Roma - Lido: Porta San Paolo.
    • Trenitalia Ticket Offices in Bari C.le, Bologna C.le, Firenze S.M.N., Lecce, Milano C.le, Napoli C.le, Roma Termini, Roma Tiburtina, Salerno, Torino P.N., Venezia S.L., Verona P.N., Brescia and in FRECCIAClub in Bari C.le, Bologna C.le, Firenze S.M.N Milano C.le, Napoli C.le, Roma Termini, Roma Tiburtina, Salerno, Torino P.N., Verona.



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