Exemption from Responsibility

This site, which belongs to Rome City Council affords citizens greater access to information regarding the cards known as the Roma Pass 72 Hours and Roma Pass 48 Hours and the cultural initiatives and activities connected to them as well as the opportunity to buy these passes online. Our stated objective is that we provide up-to-date and accurate information and ensure that purchases can be made in a simple and secure manner.

Please note that the information published on our website www.romapass.it:

  • may not always – despite our best efforts – be exhaustive, complete, accurate or up-to-date;
  • is sometimes linked to or dependant on external sites over which Rome City Council has no control and accepts no liability.

Any errors or oversights noted should be signalled to the email address that follows so that these can be corrected: info@romapass.it

This clause excluding all liability is not intended to limit any responsibility that Rome City Council may have with regard to the violation of any applicable national laws, nor is it automatically exempt from any liability in tall cases in which said laws appear to make it so.

Any unauthorised access, changes, falsification, modification or cancellation of all or part of the information published, or in other words, any impediment or interference in the running of this web site is absolutely forbidden and any who attempt such actions will be persecuted under the Penal Code and Law no. 547 dated 23.12.1993 entitled "Modifications and Integrations as defined by the Penal Code and Penal Procedure Code regarding criminal offences in the information technology sector".

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