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Please note:

  • If you want to use Roma Pass for the COLOSSEO and the GALLERIA BORGHESE CHECK AVAILABILITY FIRST (see FAQ 7.1).

  • BEFORE PURCHASING, please check through the official websites, that the spots you wish to visit are open and/or active with the Roma Pass service (for details see this page).

  • No refunds for tickets and/or passes will be issued as a result of closures or service disruptions due to events beyond our control (see FAQ 8.1), nor in case of damaged, lost or stolen aard (see FAQ 8.4).

  • When you place your card on the reader on the vehicles, will beep and show a GREEN light if the activation has been recorded correctly. If a RED signal appears, the activation has NOT been successful. In this case, you should write again overleaf, the date and time of when the activation error was registered and notify the driver of the malfunction, as well as the inspector in case of any checks. (see also FAQ 2.11)

  • Some museums require reservations for Saturdays, Sundays and holidays by the day before to respect the social distancing. However, booking is required in some museums even on weekdays. It is therefore highly recommended to check the access/booking rules and the opening hours of the museums.

  • Before purchasing, please check FAQ 1.8, the summary of regulations in force and affiliate program.

  • If the chosen pick-up location (Tourist Infopoint) is temporarily closed, please go to any other Tourist Infopoint for assistance.

  • The card collection will be possible starting from 24 hours after the purchase date, to allow the credit between banking systems.

  • For security reasons, it is possible to buy online at maximum 4 Roma Passes.

Roma Pass 72h
Roma Pass 72h

Price per unit: € 52.00

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    Total price: € 0.00

Roma Pass 48h
Roma Pass 48h

Price per unit: € 32.00

  1. * Select collection date (dd/mm/yyyy):

    The collection date must be at least 24 hours after the date of purchase. At the moment, given the covid-19 situation, we advise you to make sure you can reach Rome and buy the CARDS directly in the Tourist InfoPonts as we remind you that there are no refund requests.

  1. *Choose a favorite collection point:


    Tourist Infopoint Castel S. Angelo, Piazza Pia (adiacente ai giardini di Castel Sant’Angelo).

    Tourist Infopoint Ciampino, Aeroporto G.B.Pastine - zona esterna area Arrivi/external area International Arrivals.

    Tourist Infopoint Fiumicino, Aeroporto Leonardo Da Vinci - Arrivi Internazionali Terminal T3.

    Tourist Infopoint Fori Imperiali, Via dei Fori Imperiali.

    Tourist Infopoint Minghetti, Via Marco Minghetti (angolo Via del Corso).

    All cards purchased online can be collected in any Tourist INFOPOINT of the City of Rome.
    Please always check the opening time of Tourist INFOPOINTS of the City of Rome before collecting the cards.

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What is Vox Vatican Guide?
Make the most of your Roma Pass by adding Vox Vatican Guide to discover the Vatican and the City of Rome.

Your journey begins with the Vox Vatican Guide. You simply need to scan the QR code with your smartphone to quickly turn it into an intelligent assistant, a reliable travel companion who will guide you to the unmissable places of the city.

Vox Vatican Guide includes audio guide for St. Peter’s Basilica (10 languages) and the Vatican Rome (7 languages). With your digital audio guide you can start your visit and, passing by main churches, basilicas and other places connected to Christianity in Rome, you can discover everything about the history of the papacy in Rome.

Thanks to its compelling narrative, you can experience the most famous attractions and learn fascinating stories of Vatican Rome told by local experts in a choice of seven languages.

The maps can also be used offline, guiding you constantly to the many points of interest next to you.


  1. Audio guide for St. Peter's Basilica is available in 10 languages (Chinese, German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish).

  2. A sophisticated digital map with an offline navigation system.

  3. Culture, history, curiosities and secrets of the Rome of Vatican in a map of the city available in seven languages (Chinese, Deutsch, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian).

  4. Vox Vatican Guide is your personal on-demand guide.

How to use Vox Vatican Guide:

  • Scan the QR code that you will find on the voucher received at the time of purchase

  • Choose your preferred language and download the map to activate all the digital contents!


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